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Solar Home Light

A solar home lighting system (SHS) provides a comfortable level of illumination in one or more rooms of a house. The Solar home light consists of a PV module, control electronics, battery, and luminary(s). There are several home lights models we are offering as per MNRE Specs and models featuring one, two, or four LED Based luminaries. The system could also be used to run a small DC fan or a 12-V DC television along with the LED Lamps.

There are four models of W-LED home lighting systems which are as follows:






One White LED luminaire PV Module 6 Wp under STC. Battery: Lead acid Sealed maintenance free, 12V-7 AH @ C/20.


Two White LED luminaire PV Module 12 Wp under STC . Battery Lead acid Tubular flooded or VRLA, 12V - 12AH @ C/20


Two White LED luminaires and one DC fan of wattage up to 10 W PV Module 24 Wp under STC,  Battery Lead acid Tubular flooded or Gel / VRLA, 12V- 20AH @ C/20


Four White LED luminaires PV Module 24 Wp under STC Battery Lead acid Tubular flooded or Gel / VRLA, 12V- 20AH @ C/20 It has a socket to provide power for a 12V DC TV set which can be purchased separately.




Our Solar Home Light consists of following components with performance specifications:



5wp Solar PV Module under STC

  • Module having crystalline silicon solar cells
  • The module efficiency not less than 10%.
  • The terminal box on the module has a provision of opening it for replacing the cable.
  • a) Name of the Manufacturer and/ or distinctive Logo b) Model and/ or Type No. c) Serial No. d) Year of manufacture.

SMF VRLA Battery

For Model-I, sealed maintenance free lead acid battery with a capacity of up to 7 AH, at voltages of up to 12V @ C/20 rate of discharge. (ii) For Models – II, III & IV, battery have a minimum rating of 12V, 12 Ah or 12V, 20 Ah at C/20 rate of discharge, depending on the Model.
75 % of the rated capacity of the battery is between fully charged & load cut off conditions.

Light Source: White Light Emitting Diode (LED)

1.The colour temperature of W-LED(s) used in the system is  in the range of 5500oK –6500oK.
2. W-LED(s) doesn’t  emit ultraviolet light.
3.The light output from the W - LED is constant throughout the duty cycle.


1. Efficiency of the electronic system is > 85%.
2. Electronics have temperature compensation for proper charging of the battery throughout the year.
3. The idle current is less than 1 mA for Models-I & II, and for Models-III & IV, it is less than 2mA.
4. The voltage drop from module terminals to the battery terminals does not exceed 0.6 volts including the drop across the diode and the cable when measured at maximum charging current.
5. The PCB containing the electronics is capable of solder free installation and replacement.
6. Necessary lengths of wires/ cables, switches suitable for DC use and other protections is provided.


1. Adequate protection is incorporated under “No Load” condition, e.g. when the lamps are removed and the system is switched ON.
2. The system has protection against battery overcharge, deep discharge condition.
3. Load reconnect is provided at 80% of the battery capacity status.
4.  Adequate protection is  provided against battery reverse polarity.
5. Fuses are provided to protect against short circuit conditions.
6. Protection for reverse flow of current through the PV module(s) is provided.


The system has got two indicators, green and red. The green indicator indicates the charging under progress and  glows only when the charging is taking place. It stops glowing when the battery is fully charged. Red indicator indicates the battery “Load Cut Off” condition


1. Corrosion resistant metallic frame structure is provided to hold the SPV module.
2. The frame structure has provision to adjust its angle of inclination to the horizontal, so that it can be installed at the specified tilt angle.
3. Light source is either for wall mounted or ceiling mounted or can be hung from the ceiling in a stable manner, as per site requirements.
4.  A vented plastic/ wooden/ metallic box with acid proof corrosion resistant paint for housing the storage battery indoors is provided.



  1. The Solar home lighting system is warranted for a period of five years from the date of supply.
  2. The PV module(s) are warranted for a minimum period of 25 years from the date of supply. PV modules used in Solar Home Lighting System are warranted for their output peak watt capacity, which will not be less than 90% at the end of Ten (10) years and 80% at the end of Twenty five (25) years.
  3. (iii) The battery for Model-I is warranted for a period of at least two years. The batteries for Models–II, III & IV are warranted for a period of 5 years.
  4. (iv) The Warranty Card is supplied with the system which contains the details of the system.